With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share with you the story of how I truly grew to love cleaning. It really is a story about mother’s, but specifically, my grand mother.

In the past I have covered various topics from cleaning floors to booking that long awaited appointment from Better Life Maids. But the question I receive most is why in the world did you start a cleaning company? I mean toilets etc…someone else’s dirty and not your own? Sure why not I reply…I really love to clean. Now if you catch me any regular day you will discover that my house is quite normal. I’m sure your thinking a few things out of place right? Wrong it sometimes looks turned upside down with all the shoes, book bags, and belongings or as I usually say a blender pushed on high without a lid! I find it very difficult to actually live in a space without shaking it up a bit! But when I need motivation to get it all back in order, I know just who to call to put me to work.

It all began when I was little my grandmother encouraged me to pick it up, clean it up…oh there is one more crumb too. My grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday. She lives independently in a two story house without maid service. I say this because as much as I have tried to send a team to just help out a bit she continues to tell me that cleaning her home has kept her there. And I’m being quite serious when I tell you that you could literally eat off her floors they are that clean. She hand washes them weekly.

Now I’m not encouraging people to dump their maid service or hired help. My grandmother had the cleaning gene which she passed down eventually to me. It’s the actual love of cleaning that our company is built upon. Just yesterday she came over for lunch. Before she arrives I am scrambling mopping my floors and straightening up. As she enters the house and sits at the table she comments how great my house looks that I’m really keeping up with it. It is a widely known fact that most house cleaning gets done in the fifteen minutes before my Grandmother arrives. So thanks Grandma for helping whip my house into shape this week, and all the cleaning lessons you have taught me over the years. Without you I would not have founded Better Life Maids and would not have the opportunity to help some many others whip their houses into shape right before guests arrive.

And of course she passed many of these same lessons on to my own mother, and I am passing them on to my own children. So as we celebrate all the special mom’s in our lives, let’s celebrate all the fantastic lessons they have shared with us. And remember how they have shaped us into who we are today.

Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts

Angela Ricketts

Co-Founder & Vice President of Client Experience       
Better Life Maids    
Follow Angela on Twitter @BLMAngela       


Angela Ricketts of St. Louis, is one the co-founders of Better Life Maids, and currently serves as Vice President of Client Experience. Angela shares her passion for the business, and how her desire to be a great wife, mother, and own her own business became possible when she formed BETTER LIFE MAIDS. To find out more about Better Life Maids and get a free instant quote, click on the button below.

Better Life Maids offer a free instant house cleaning quote

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Better Life Maids Loves You

Valentine’s day can be a pretty big deal for some us. You have to pick the perfect place to eat, find something great to wear, buy gifts (big but not too big), and for some of us, find someone to go with. For others, a new trend has also emerged. It’s called “Treat Yo-Self” (click to watch the video for a fun reminder) as famously coined by the TV show, Parks and Recreation. Whether you’re trying to impress that special someone, or just choosing to “Treat-Yo Self”, coming home to a clean home is the best kind of treat.

We have multiple suggested packages available, or you can buy a gift certificate online for any amount. The certificate will be delivered instantly, so no need to run around looking for the perfect gift. One click from here and you’re all done. Whether you’re treating that special someone or just yourself, Better Life Maids has you covered. Because Better Life Maids loves you!

Gift Certificate

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Professional house cleaning to help you get ready for any of life's big events. Green house cleaning st. louis, by Better Life Maids

This weekends big game is just one of many reasons to hire a professional maid service. Getting your house ready for guests, or cleaning out the popcorn from hard to reach places the day after, having either or both will make your like just that much better this week. You can focus on making sure your guests have a great time, and leave the cleaning to us.

Maybe you are not the person that thinks they need a maid service every week or even once a month, but you have to admit that life can get pretty hectic whenever you are hosting a party at your home. At our home we take parties pretty seriously (and we always have a cleaning that week). Between getting out the invites, planning the event, decorating, and preparing food, its a pretty big commitment. Even if its a relatively small get together some if not all of these stages of party planning are part of hosting your friends and family. And that does not include time shopping for food and supplies. Why not save yourself a few hours, and outsource your party prep house cleaning.

You can check availability or book online right now or call us at (877) MAID-TIME if that’s easier for you.

Book a professional house cleaning visit with Better Life Maids right now


Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts

Angela Ricketts – Founder of Better Life Maids

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This fall, KTRS approached us about being part of their “Home For The Holidays” program. The program was designed to help veteran families coming home from deployments, have a very merry Christmas. We were happy to help and made an in kind donation to the program. We only wish we could do more.

We want to thank all of our Veterans who serve our country near and far, for the sacrifices you make to help ensure our nations security and freedom. We wish you could all be with your loved ones this holiday season. Again. Thank you for all you do.


Matthew Ricketts
President & Chief Experience Officer
Better Life Maids
Matthew Rickets: President & Chief Experience Officer of Better Life Maids

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Better Life Maids ultimate gift packages.

One of our ultimate gift packages about to be delivered to a lucky Better Life Maids client.

If you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for someone on your list, let me share with you what everyone really needs more of these days… time. Time for family and friends, and time to unwind and relax. Time really is our most precious commodity. The gift of more time is really the perfect holiday gift. And you really can give it to someone this year.  A $160 gift from Better Life Maids gives someone special on your list 4 more hours of free time, and of course a sparkling clean house. Put that in perspective. That is an afternoon adventure with the kids, an evening party, or the better part of a Saturday to relax in front of the fire.

If you really want to give someone a gift that keeps on giving this year, consider one of our Ultimate Gift Packages. These packages include close to 45 hours of time in a bottle to be uncorked over the course of the next year. In addition if you order by this Saturday, you will also get a $75 gift certificate to Massage Luxe, as well as a Amazon Kindle, and a few Better Life all natural cleaning goodies.

Ultimate Gift Package Includes

1 Initial Deep Clean ($250 value)
12 Maintenance Cleaning ($120 value each)
1 Bonus Cleaning Certificate ($150 value)
$75 Massage Luxe Gift Certificate
Amazon Kindle ($79 value)
Better Life Products ($24 value)

Total Package Value: $1864 all that extra time… priceless.

Package Cost: $1499

Call us at (877) MAID-TIME or order gifts online at http://www.betterlifemaids.com/gifts. Maybe you should pick one of these up for yourself, that way you will have more free time for shopping next year.


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Better Life Maids professional house cleaner

Better Life Maids professional green house cleaner Sue Wittke

Better Life Maids is built on the foundation of great people. Sue Wittke is a perfect example of what Better Life Maids is all about. While Sue has been our St. Louis green house cleaning team for just under 6 months, it feels like she has been with us forever. Sue seems to make everyone around her better. She is always positive and caring. It is apparent in her teams dynamics, and the relationships she has developed with her clients. Month after month Sue has been one of our leaders in both total surveys received, and the overall score of those surveys. Over 95% of Sue’s clients have rated her as a 9 or 10 in their likelihood to recommend her to their friends and family. She sets the bar pretty high for professional house cleaners in St. Louis.

And we really love why Sue joined our team at Better Life Maids. As a long term stay at home mom, Sue knows her way around a home. In fact she has over 18 years of experience keeping her own home looking great. With her son away to college this year, she was looking for something new to do, and of course help with college tuition.

We hope you love Sue as much as we do. Book a cleaning today and meet Sue or one of our many great Better Life Maids.

Better Life Maids offer a free instant house cleaning quote

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First of all and as always I want to say Thank You! Thank you for supporting Better Life Maids. We do now as ever strive to be St. Louis best green house cleaning service. And your support helps us provide free cleanings to women battling cancer. 

October is national breast cancer awareness month. While I know that you are inundated by pink marketing this month, I wanted to share with you the program that you make possible through your support of Better Life Maids. You can click on the image above to watch a video that News Channel 5 did on the program.

We have been a proud partner of Cleaning For a Reason for the past 6 years. Together we try to make a difference in the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment. We donate up to 8 monthly cleanings to women that are placed with us through the program, and we have committed to providing services to one woman per month for each team we have. To date we have served over 50 women undergoing treatment for cancer, and provided nearly 250 free cleaning. You can go to their website and see all the good Cleaning for a Reason has done. To date over 17,000 cleanings have been donated nationwide, by services just like ours, committed to making the lives of those battling cancer, just a little bit better, one clean home at a time. 

As we grow, our commitment to Cleaning For a Reason grows as well. Thank you for your ongoing support, and for helping us serve this cause that is near and dear to our heart. So many have been touched by this terrible disease. We know that we aren’t curing cancer. But we believe that providing these cleanings helps women to focus on their health and provides them with relief from the stress of every day life. It may seem like a little thing, but little things done with great love can change the world. Again, thank you so much for your support.


Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts
Angela Ricketts
Founder and Vice President of Client Experience
Better Life Maids

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This is a summation of our 2014 price increase letter. We have held the line on prices for 2 years, but feel that to maintain our competitive staffing advantage moving forward we must increase prices. While we know that can sometimes be frustrating, we want you to know that these increases and more have been directly passed on to create higher wages for our staff. Over the past year we have increased our wages by over 12%. This has led to longer tenure of our key cleaning team supervisors, and an increased ability to screen and train the best possible new members of our team.

Price increase letters will be sent out on your anniversary of service, so if you started service in the past few months, you won’t see this letter for awhile. We just want to be proactive in sharing this information.

Thank you for your ongoing business with Better Life Maids. As always we are committed to making your life Better, Greener, and Cleaner with every visit. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to maintain your homes beauty and value. It is our ongoing mission to earn that trust and to be the best house cleaning service in both overall value and quality.

This letter’s purpose is to tell you that an adjustment to your per visit service fee is necessary at this time. In order to maintain the highest standards in the residential cleaning industry periodic rate increases are necessary. Many of our costs have gone up in the past year including payroll taxes, workman’s compensation insurance, supplies and equipment, fuel and more; but our largest investment has been a major increase in both our starting wages, and raises to our tenured team members. We have committed to raising our starting pay of all team members to $10.10 per hour by January 1st of 2015 (currently $9.50 for new hires, increased from $9.00 in 2013). All of our team supervisors and assistant team supervisors will see wage significant wage increases as well.

We have held off price increases for the past two years, but in order to attract and maintain the best possible team, we need to make this adjustment now. While other services have come and gone over the past few years, Better Life Maids has become an integral part of the St. Louis region, and will remain so for years to come. We are driven to give our clients the best possible people and thus the best possible cleaning service. Better Life Maids will continue to hire and train the best team members and this price increase will allow us to do so.

Your new rate for each cleaning visit will be increasing by $4 per visit effective your next cleaning visit.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. As always please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your life Better.



Angela Ricketts
Founder & Vice President of Client Experience

Again. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We will continue to do all we can to make sure we are worth your investment and provide you with an experience and cleaning you deserve.


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At Better Life Maids we clean a lot of hardwood floors. In fact in the course of a year providing green house cleaning services to St. Louis, St. Charles, Portland, and Birmingham, we will clean thousands of homes. Most of them have hardwood floors. We really do consider ourselves hardwood floor cleaning experts. Even still, with thousands of homes cleaned each year with great results and no damage, we get potential clients that insist that we use vinegar, or ammonia, or a steam mop on their new installed hardwood floors. We will use vinegar or steam mops if a client insists, but only after we have explained to them the risks, and let them know that our damage policies will not cover the use of these products on their floors.

As a rule we try to only use the entire line of Better Life cleaning products to clean our clients homes.  All of the Better Life products have been proven to be safe and effective at cleaning all the surfaces of their homes. Simply Floored is Better Life’s PH neutral floor cleaner that leaves hardwood floors looking great, and keeps them safe with amazing results. And it has to be. In St. Louis alone, we clean nearly 10,000 homes per year. We just can’t risk using a product that will cause damage to our clients floors. Simply Floored has stood the test of time and repeat use. We know it works, and we know it keeps our clients homes floors looking good for years.

Many of the hardwood floor cleaning methods listed below will leave your floors with “great” short term results, but over time, your beautiful hardwood floors may be damaged. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about how to keep your hardwood floors looking great for the long run. Lumber Liquidators is out to set the record straight. As one of the nations largest sellers of hardwood flooring, they really have heard and seen it all.  Here are their 10 Hardwood Horrors. Truly bad cleaning methods that not only won’t work for your floors, in the long run will damage them.


Lumber Liquidators


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Tina Lewis

Tina Lewis is really a great person. She is a mom, a friend, a team member, and most recently a graduate. After years of hard work she recently graduated from Washington University. And Tina graduated while juggling work, family, and school. We could not be prouder to have Tina on our team. In fact Tina has been a part of the Better Life Maids family from nearly the beginning. She was there when we were still working out of our basement in our small Shrewsbury home, and helped us grow Better Life Maids into one of the largest independent maid services in the St. Louis region.

While Tina will be leaving us soon to pursue a new career, she will always be a part of the Better Life Maids family.

Thank you Tina.

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